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An Honestly Good Story.

The old saying goes..."Mum always knows best", and I have my superhero Mum to thank for inspiring my smoothie business.

Like many people, there was a time in my life when I suffered from digestive problems. Thankfully, Mum quickly came to the rescue with her healthy home remedies. She began blending vegetable smoothies for me every morning, and before long had opened up her spice cupboard and added superfoods to them too. Within days this new morning ritual had improved my digestion, raised energy levels and even banished that elevenses snack attack.

The only problem was time...or lack of it. I wasn't prepared to swap my snooze to wash, peel, and chop ingredients every morning, and I couldn't find another company that offered all organic veggie-packed smoothies. So, I handed in my notice and set up The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. (With Mum’s help, of course.)

Honestly Loved… by all these nice folk

  • Barbara Duvoisin Avatar
    Barbara Duvoisin
    30/06/2020 - Facebook

    The perfect balance of variety, nutrition and never too sweet (like so many non-homemade smoothies). I love the convenience of being able to choose a completely different smoothie each morning without having had to plan far in advance with my grocery shopping. These smoothies are delicious. HGSC has created some great recipes!! Customer service is response and it's amazing how they've been able to keep up with the surge in demand during isolation. Kudos!!!

    Nishika Sasdev Avatar
    Nishika Sasdev
    24/09/2019 - Facebook

    Great smoothies and great service! I love the fact they are 100% organic and environmentally friendly. Highly recommend

  • Karen Horsley Avatar
    Karen Horsley
    05/06/2019 - Facebook

    Great range, organic and bursting with health. Why not start your morning with an Honestly Good Smoothie?

    Roshni Patel Avatar
    Roshni Patel
    31/10/2018 - Facebook

    This company is wonderful they produce smoothies that have great super foods such as Macqui, turmeric, goji berries and so much more. I felt so much better after a week of having these smoothies 👌🏽

  • Tufal Choudhury Avatar
    Tufal Choudhury
    15/01/2018 - Facebook

    The company is excellent in communication and are very fast in delivering. I really loved this product. Very convenient and tasty and a range of great flavours. Everything is carefully measured already for you in each pack, I just put it into my smoothie maker and it's done! A healthy start to the day!

    Hamza Shoukat Avatar
    Hamza Shoukat
    07/12/2017 - Facebook

    The smoothies taste delicious. Love the range of recipes and the excellent customer service!

  • Katie Chester Avatar
    Katie Chester
    08/11/2017 - Facebook

    Great tasting smoothies and great customer service!

    Raheel Khan Avatar
    Raheel Khan
    26/09/2017 - Facebook

    Remarkable customer satisfaction, I highly recommend these guys!!

  • Suneel Gandham Avatar
    Suneel Gandham
    31/08/2017 - Facebook

    The best smoothie recipes I can find in the market

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