5 Easy Yoga Routines You Can Do Every Day At Home

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • January 15, 2020
  • 3 min read

Do you ever feel pushed for time and like it’s hard to fit yoga in your life? We hear you! Knowing how busy life gets, we reached out to one of our favourite yoga teachers – Litsa Yiatros, to help us! Litsa runs  “Yoga Not For Yogis” (and to start with, how cool is that company name?) Her retreats and classes are inclusive and fun, and especially designed for beginners with the aim to allow you to move freely syncing breath with movement and music.

Litsa says: “If you hear yourself saying I can’t do yoga/I’m not flexible, then my class is for you. We welcome all body types and personality types.” 

We asked Litsa if she could help us by providing quick yoga routines (all under 10 minutes) to suit different purposes people might experience throughout the day. Here’s what she came up with:


1) Yoga For…Waking Me Up

Purpose: In an ideal world, we’d all love to be doing yoga every morning without forgetting or having to do household chores instead! Instead of committing to an hour long routine, this quick routine is a good starting point to grow from.

Description: Litsa recommends starting the morning with a short seated meditation, followed by breathing exercises with arm over head stretches. The cat and cow pose sequence is amazing for warming up your body for the day, followed by the adapted child pose and low cobra.


2) Yoga For…A Quick Break From The Laptop

Purpose: When you’ve been glued to the laptop all day, and your neck and back needs some TLC, and most importantly a break!

Description: Slow and mindful neck exercises to begin with, followed by eagle arms to stretch out the back, seated side stretches, seat twist, and a forward fold.


3) Yoga For…Chilling Out and Calming Down

Purpose: Whether it’s work, the kids, your partner, or something else, life can sometimes stress us out! For those moments, this yoga routine is perfect! A chill me out and calm me down blend of moves.

Description: This routine is all about the art of distraction. In particular, yoga distracting you from those worries on your mind and keeping you present. The moves require you to balance your body, and strong focus is needed, which in turn challenges the mind to focus on the breath (and slow thoughts down).


4) Yoga For…An Energy Boost

Purpose: If you need an extra energy boost in the middle of the day, or perhaps before you go for a run, this is the routine for you!

Description: This routine stretches the whole body, and consists of a series of sun salutations, forward folds, postures that bring the knees into chest, and some time to shake off any tension too.


5) Yoga For…Getting Ready To Sleep

Purpose: The ideal pre-bed routine to get you feeling relaxed, peaceful, and at ease with the world.

Description: This routine incorporates essential oils (we recommend an aromatherapy rollerball with lavender), breathing exercises, and stretches. Once you’ve learnt to routine, feel free to replicate it in your own time. Do at least five rounds of deep breathing at the start, then spend five minutes in wide leg child’s post, eight minutes in the soft heart opener, and however long you like at the end for the relaxation stage.


We hoped you enjoyed Litsa’s videos – if you want to give her a shoutout to say thank you, here are the links to her Instagram, website, and yoga retreats.


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