7 More Organic Food Brands We Love

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • September 25, 2021
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7 More Organic Food Brands

After our first article ‘7 Organic Food Brands We Love’, we realised many of you love living an organic lifestyle (beyond Honestly Good Smoothies), and any brand recommendations are always helpful. With this in mind, we have put together this second edition of the article with even more amazing organic food brands. 


1) Primrose’s Kitchen


primroses kitchen


What they do: Primrose’s Kitchen creates organic, vegan-friendly and gluten-free muesli and granola. They use only organic ingredients, 100% recyclable packaging, no added refined sugar and they’re naturopathic approved too.

Why we love them: Their brand ethos is close to our own heart, as they “lovingly create wholesome foods that nurture the soul and respect the planet”. We also love the fact that, like us, they strive to have unique fruit and veg combos such as “Organic Sour Cherry and Apple Bircher”, “Organic Beetroot and Ginger Muesli” and “Organic Apricot and Fig Bircher”.

Product recommendations: Love carrot cake and Christmas? Well their “Organic Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon Muesli” reminds us of both. Delicious warmth from the cinnamon and healthy veggie goodness from the carrot plus lots of delicious nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, chia seeds, almonds, and psyllium husks.


2) Godminster Cheese


godminster cheese


What they do: Godminster might just be the king of organic cheese. Their award-winning organic cheddar is made in Bruton in Somerset – on a site where there has been a dairy farm for over 100 years. They make a variety of different cheeses such as “Vintage Organic Cheddar”, “Oak-Smoked Vintage Cheddar”, “Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar” and even “Daredevil Chilli Cheddar”.

Why we love them: Godminster has a beautiful mantra: “nature repays those who treat her kindly.” They are dedicated to ensuring their cows have a simple and wholesome life – this includes a holistic approach with specially grown herbs to keep them healthy. Also, once the summer grazing months have finished, the cows are given feeds made of ingredients grown on-site at Godmister farm such as oats, barley, grasses, and peas. The farm is also dedicated to restoring natural habitats and reintroducing native species – a big win all round. 

Product recommendations: We love their classic “Vintage Organic Cheddar”, which has won a BOOM award for the “Nation’s Favourite Organic Product” – made using a 90-year-old recipe, and matured for 12 months. Also – we have to add that Godminster sells cheese celebration cakes. Yes, really – towers of cheese!


3) The Coconut Merchant


What they do: Ethically sourced organic extra virgin coconut oil that’s perfect for cooking, putting in smoothies – or, if you fancy it – did you know coconut oil can even be used as a moisturiser or lip balm? On top of their signature coconut oil, they also have their own range of coconut flour, toasted coconut flakes, coconut sugar, coconut syrup, and pretty much anything coco-nutty that you can think of.

Why we love them: Not only does the coconut oil taste great, but we love how their whole range is 100% natural and farmed in accordance with the Organic Food Federation. We also love their dedication to innovating their range – such as their “Organic Coconut Jam with Cacao” and their “Organic Coconut Nectar Honey Alternative”.

Product recommendations: We can use coconut oil by the bucket load – and luckily, they almost provide that! We love their “1L Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” which comes in a large jar and is cold-pressed to preserve the goodness. 

4) Riverford

riverford box


What they do: Riverford delivers seasonal organic veg boxes and has actually been farming organic vegetables since all the way back in 1987. They deliver around the UK to over 50,000 customers a week, and also act as a powerful media platform too through their blog “Wicked Leeks”, which tackles important food industry topics such as climate change, pesticide usage, and biodiversity. 

Why we love them: Riverford is dedicated to growing slowly for “flavour, not profit” and they’ve achieved B Corp status. They’re constantly innovating – such as creating home compostable packaging and founder Guy Singh-Watson believes organic food shouldn’t be elitist, but accessible for everyone. We couldn’t agree more. You can read more about Riverford through our interview with Managing Director Rob Haward here. 

Product recommendations: If you’re looking for fresh, organic fruit and veg, then we can highly recommend trying Riverford. As well as the classics, there’s always something new and exciting to try, from mashed potato squash to radicchio and cime di rapa.


5) Human Food



What they do: Cool name, cool company – Human Food creates organic plant-based nutrition bars. However, they’re so much more than just a snack bar. The company describes itself as the ‘world’s first organic daily nutrition bars’, which can be eaten on their own, crumbled into granola, or even used in smoothies. Yum!

Why we love them: Many nutrition bars are packed full of artificial ingredients, but not Human Food. Their bars provide half of your recommended daily intake of a whopping 13 essential micronutrients, and the bars have no added sugar, flavourings or synthetics.

Product recommendations: It’s so tricky to pick a favourite, so we suggest getting the mixed 5-pack with a flavour to suit all tastebuds. The flavours are Goji Berry, Turmeric, Spirulina, Mixed Nuts and Orange and Acerola.


6) Tapped Birch Water


tapped birchwater


What they do: Did you know you can get water from trees? Yes, really, and Tapped do exactly that. They collect water from birch trees which is is a great natural source of anti-oxidising manganese. You see, these wonderful trees store vital minerals and vitamins in their roots, but every spring, the water travels up through the trunk. It’s then that this water is tapped, without hurting the tree, so we can share the nutrient-rich goodness that nature provides.

Why we love them: We just think it’s so awesome that Tapped has found a natural resource that is so good for us. The water is gathered from trees in Finland, where they grow in abundance and some trees are over 30 years old.

Product recommendations: We love their refreshing “Apple & Root Ginger” flavour. You can all the birch water goodness, but with extra zing, which is…well…ama-zing!


7) Kallo




What they do: Kallo’s tagline is “natural, organic foods & seasonings for a simpler life” and that sums it up perfectly. From pantry essentials – such as stock cubes and gravy granules to organic rice cakes and organic wholegrain puffed rice cereal – sweet, or savoury, there’s something for all.

Why we love them: We love that healthy living is at the heart of Kallo’s brand. They believe that “eating well shouldn’t be hard work”, and we couldn’t agree more. A core part of their ethos is incorporating simple, delicious ingredients without any nasties – which is completely after our own heart. It’s all just super tasty, super simple, honest, natural food.

Product recommendations: Stock cubes are something that can easily be overlooked in favour of ‘standard supermarket brands’, but they’re a core part of so many recipes – so we believe they deserve special attention. We love how Kallo has 15+ different organic stocks and gravies to choose from – from vegetable to chicken to organic French onion stock cubes.

So there you have it – our second edition of ‘7 organic food brands we love’.. We hope you enjoyed it and if there are any other organic brands we should know about, feel free to drop us a line and let us know. 

Written by
Alicia Drewnicki
Head of Content at The Honestly Good Smoothie Co.
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