9 Gift Ideas to Help Local Wildlife

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • December 16, 2019
  • 4 min read

Christmas is the time for giving, and this year, we’re focusing on helping the beautiful wildlife around us. 

If you’re an animal lover looking for the perfect Christmas present, birthday present, or perhaps you’re reading this in the new year fancy treating yourself to a wildlife-friendly new year gift, this is the article for you.

Here’s an Honestly Good lowdown for 9 great wildlife gift ideas to help creatures great and small:


1) Bee Saver Kit – Friends of The Earth


After researching for our post “Bee kind: Why bees need saving and what you can do to help”, we realised how important it is to keep these incredible little pollinators front of mind. Friends of The Earth offer a bee saver kit which contains wildflower seeds, a bee spotting guide, a garden planner, and more.


2) Sponsor a Pet – Blue Cross Animal Charity


Blue Cross has animal shelters around the UK that help abandoned and homeless pets have a second chance. This includes dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, gerbils, chinchillas, and more.

By sponsoring a pet, you can choose which pet you’d like to sponsor, and how much to donate each month. Then you’ll get regular updates, and even a certificate. Once your pet has been rehomed, you can choose another one to continue sponsoring.


3) Hedgehog House + Accessories – RSPB


hedgehog house

One of our most popular posts last year was all about 16 things you can do to help save hedgehogs.  This amazing bundle offer from RSPB consists of the ultimate hedgehog gift pack – a hedgehog house, a snack bowl, and hedgehog food too.


4) Recycled Wrapper Bird House – Oxfam

Donate to charity, help the environment and help give birds a safe and comfortable shelter at the same time by opting for this bird house made of recycled newspapers and magazines. What a great idea!


5) Frogilo Frog/Toad House – ProtectThePlanet



Give the frogs and toads in your garden a peaceful retreat this winter by providing them with a ceramic house. This Frogilo can be bought from a wonderful site that focuses on eco-friendly and upcycled giftware – ProtectThePlanet.


6) Buggingham Palace – Etsy


We promise it’s not the just the amazing name that attracted us to this mansion of a bug hotel on Etsy. This wonderful design was made by “TheBearandtheWolf” on Etsy, and is perfect for solitary bees, ladybirds, lacewings, and more.


7) Bat Box – Wildcare.co.uk


Did you know that as well as bird houses, you can get a bat box for your garden? The knowledgeable team at Wildcare even provide information such as how high up your bat box should be, what direction it should face, and what sort of surface it should be attached to.


8) Wildlife Trust Membership – The Wildlife Trusts


The perfect way to help local wildlife year round is to join up to a local wildlife trust. There are 46 wildlife trusts all over the UK  that look after over 100,000 hectares of land for wildlife. You can find out more about the closest trust to you/your gift recipient here. 


9) House A Pair of Dormice – People’s Trust for Endangered Species

The People’s Trust for Endangered Species have lots of virtual gifts you can give, and one of our favourites is the ability to ‘house a pair of dormice’. Did you know that dormice are facing extinction, so they’re being reintroduced to woodlands? This gift means a dormice house will be installed in a tree for a newly released couple, so they have a safe place to nest in the woods, and look after their young.


So there you have it, 9 gift ideas which all make a difference to helping local wildlife. If you have any other tips for how you help local wildlife, please let us know.

Written by
Alicia Drewnicki
Head of Content at The Honestly Good Smoothie Co.
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