9 Things You Can Do With Leftover Smoothies

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • October 29, 2020
  • 5 min read
leftover smoothie

The times of just blending and drinking are over.  Did you know you can turn smoothies into fruit leather, cocktails, and even cakes?! As the weather gets colder, we wanted to brighten up your Autumn days with some fresh ideas on innovative ways to use your smoothies.

Get ready for our ultimate guide to 9 things you can do with leftover smoothies.

1) Fruit Leather

fruit leather

“What on earth is fruit leather?”, we hear you cry! (and no, you can’t wear it!)  It’s actually a versatile dried snack that you can make out of smoothies.

So how do you do it?

– Simply blend your smoothie, then set your oven to the lowest temperature possible (such as 80 degrees C)
– Add some parchment paper to a baking tray

– Evenly spread smoothie on the baking tray and bake for 5+ hours (until it’s dried and firm)

– Slice into strips and make fruit leather roll-ups


2) Smoothie Bowls 

smoothie bowl3

Oh smoothie bowls, how we love you so! If you’ve never made one before – these versatile wonders are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or frankly, any meal. Simply blend your smoothie, pop it in a bowl, and top it to your heart’s content! 

Our favourite toppers: pumpkin seeds, chocolate, banana slices, chia seeds, peanut butter, and pretty much all berries.

3) Smoothie Cakes


Cakes made out of smoothie – wait, what?! Yes – you really can.

Simply blend your smoothie and then combine it with traditional cake ingredients such as flour, sugar, yoghurt, eggs – and then you’ve got yourself a fruity extravaganza! Dairy-free? No problem. There are super easy vegan recipes too where you can use ground flaxseed, hot water, flour, sugar, and baking soda with your smoothie.

To inspire you – we’ve scoured the web for three amazing smoothie cake recipes:

– Vegan Fruit Smoothie Cake by Meggan
Green Smoothie Cupcakes by Shashi
Banana and Spinach Smoothie Muffins

4) Smoothie Parfait


Never heard of a parfait? You’re missing out. It’s a dessert that originated in France but has created a lot of buzz in Japan. You’ll find dessert restaurants that specialise in these heavenly sweet treats.

So where does the smoothie come into it? Well, a parfait traditionally consists of ice cream, fruit, whipped cream, and seasonal ingredients. We suggest you get super creative, layer up your favourite ingredients, and use your leftover smoothie for a delicious fruity layer in this tower of sumptuous goodness. 


5) Smoothie Sorbet


Are you the type of person that enjoys a ‘palate cleanser’ after a meal? Just a little something to refresh the tastebuds (and an excuse for something sweet and fruity?)

Well, we’ve got your back. Making sorbet is surprisingly easy. All you do is blend your smoothie as usual (add sugar/sweetener if you wish) and freeze.

Why does it need sugar/sweetener? Well, it’s more than just sweetening it – it helps with the sorbet’s texture (too little sugar and it may be icy, too much and it may be slushy). 

So we’d recommend experimenting and figuring out what works for you. You can try adding the smoothie in a container and freezing. If too icy – why not try adding a couple of tbsp of sugar to your next batch until you find a texture you love?

6) Smoothie Ice Cubes

Too much smoothie? Don’t want to waste it? Easy – just pop it in ice cube trays – make smoothie ice cubes and blend again when you’re ready or combine with another batch if you’re feeling creative!

7) Smoothie Cocktail


What?! Alcohol + smoothies? Is that allowed?! Is it possible? Yes, it is! If you want to get your smoothie fix with an alcohol twist – then it really does work. 

Vodka and light rum seem to be good go-to options. 

Check out this fun article by Marie Claire which gives some great tips on smoothie inspiration that you can ‘drink for breakfast and spike for happy hour’!

We’d love to know if any of your have added spirits to your Honestly Good Smoothies – do tell us on social (shh…we won’t tell anyone!)

8) Smoothie Lollies

smoothie lollies

The ultimate kid’s favourite! All you need is a lolly mould and some smoothie. Pour the smoothie in the mould, freeze for a few hours – and hey presto! Happy times!

9) Overnight Oats (with a smoothie layer!)

overnight oats

Have you ever made overnight oats? They’re super easy – simply add 1 cup of oats to 1-½ cups of liquid (this can be pretty much any type of plant milk, milk, or yoghurt), 1 tbsp sweetener, and then a couple of spoons of leftover smoothie. This will give you a fruity and delicious oaty pot of smoothie goodness – amazing!


So there you have it – 9 ideas for ways to use up leftover smoothie. So not only are you helping conquer food waste, but it’s a chance to get creative in the kitchen too!

Have we missed anything? If so, do give us a shout on social and let us know! We’d love to read about how you use your smoothies.

Written by
Alicia Drewnicki
Head of Content at The Honestly Good Smoothie Co.
Favourite smoothie: The Almond Tart One
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