9 UK-Based Ethical and Sustainable Meetup Groups

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • February 5, 2020
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Ethical and Sustainable Meetup Group

If you’ve never used meetup.com, it’s a great site for finding inspiration for community events, that are often free of charge to attend. We scoured Meetup for the best ethical and sustainable meetup groups around the UK, and it turns out there are quite a few to choose from!  Here’s the lowdown:


1. The London Sustainability Community


London Sustainability Community

What they’re about: This group has been made for ethical and eco-friendly businesses and initiatives in London and beyond. Its aim is to give sustainability-minded entrepreneurs a space to promote their activities, and people who care about alternative and more sustainable ways of consumption to discover them.

What happens at their events: Small business owners, social entrepreneurs, leaders of community initiatives, and more present their  products/services and talk about their sustainability practices.

Types of brands showcased: Ethical fashion, natural local foods, sustainable farming, fair trade, waste reduction and recycling, green services, transportation, and tech innovation.

Number of members: 1500+


2. Cambridge Sustainable Technology Meetup 


Cambridge Sustainable

What they’re about: The group is for people interested in the technology used for improving sustainability, whether in energy, food or water.

Sustainable development is a critical challenge that requires a huge amount of investment and novel ideas – and many of these are being developed in Cambridge.

At the same time, a lot of the technology involved (such as electric bikes, smart meters, and solar panels) can be improved by individual hobbyists – and make fun engineering projects too.

What happens at their events:
The events combine work being done in the field, and practical demonstrations/teardowns/hackathons, as well as networking.

Number of members: 194+


3. Ethical Brand Directory – Ethical & Eco Living Network


Ethical Brand Directory

What they’re about:
A group to unite ethical and sustainable minded people that was launched in 2017 by Roberta Style Lee to connect the conscious consumer to brands that care.
It’s a way for people to connect, collaborate, support, and inspire each other.

What happens at their events:
Every month they have a short, focused, online get-together using questions they’ve collected from their members. These meetups help bring the EBD brands and conscious consumers together so they can work together, listen, contribute, and share ideas.

Type of brands showcased:
Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle brands.

Number of members:



4. Exploring Sustainable Food


Exploring Sustainable Food

Location: London

What they’re about:
Founder Nicola set the group up as a way to explore sustainable food, and find food that isn’t harmful to the planet. Through the meetup, she also promotes her business called “Third Space Canteen” which helps people to eat better through ethical food Supper Clubs.

What happens at their events: It’s a way to meet like-minded people who are interested in sharing a sustainable meal in London. As well as eating delicious food, there are guest speakers who talk about food and environmental matters.

Number of members: 280+



5. Sustainable Bournemouth


Sustainable Bournemouth


What they’re about: This group caters for people interested in green and environmental issues in Bournemouth. Catch up on what’s going on locally, and talk about personal steps that can be made to be less part of the problem, and more part of the solution. 

What happens at their events: Different aspects of sustainable living are discussed at each meetup.

Number of members: 350+



6. Ethical Film Club (New Forest)


Ethical Film Club

New Forest

What they’re about: The Ethical Film Club is an opportunity to get together and enjoy screenings of groundbreaking, and thought-provoking documentaries that raise awareness of important ethical issues. Each film is carefully selected, and well-researched.

What happens at their events:
Documentaries are watched, ethically-produced refreshments and snacks are eaten, and it’s a way to make new like-minded friends.

Topics covered: 
Sustainable food, energy systems, health, well-being, preservation of the planet, and more.

Number of members: 480+



7. Our Planet Our Future


Our Planet our future 2

Location: The Harpenden Arms, St Albans

What they’re about: The group was created for people who are passionate about sustainability and who want to do their bit to help the planet.

What happens at their events: 
Inspiring speakers feature at the meetups, and there are opportunities for questions, discussions, and networking.

Number of members: 240+



8. Bristol Green Business


Bristol Green Business

What they’re about:
A group to celebrate Bristol being a hotbed for green entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as environmentally-focussed high-tech science and engineering businesses and social enterprises. Everyone working in the green business sector is welcome to join.

What happens at their events:
It’s a place to unite with people who want to change the way we do business, and lighten our collective impact on the planet.

Number of members: 70+



9. Clean Air Tech London


Clean Air Tech

What they’re about: A meetup group designed to spark conversations between people who care about cleaner air in the city. It’s a way to explore how technology can help solve London’s outdoor pollution problem.

What happens at their events:
Innovative startups or tech initiatives who are pioneering in the clean air space share their developments, so people can discover new approaches.

Number of members: 135+



We hope you enjoyed our ethical and sustainable meetup group roundup. If there are any we’ve missed, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Written by
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