Frequently Asked Questions

My Honestly Good Account

Are there any commitments?

Nope. None. Honest.

You can skip, pause, or cancel at any time by visiting My Account. Just be sure to do so before the cut-off: (11:59pm BST 3 days before your next delivery)

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Simply login to your account, select your subscription and hit “pause” or “cancel”

How do I change the smoothies I receive?

Login to My Account and select your subscription. You can then easily change the amount, type and frequency of your smoothie deliveries. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Here’s a quick video on what it all looks like:

How do I add or skip deliveries?

Login to My Account and select your subscription.

Scroll down to see upcoming deliveries in your calendar. The green circles show your upcoming deliver dates and the white circles shows the available dates to add deliveries.

Un-select the date in the green circle to skip that delivery date and select the date in the white circle to add a delivery on that date.

How do I refer a friend?

Login to My Account, select your subscription and click “My Rewards” where you can find your unique code to share with friends and family.

Share the link with your friends and if your friend signs up you’ll receive £10 off your next box, and your friend will receive £10 off their first box too

How do I update my account details?

Login to My Account, and select your subscription. Head to “my details” where you can view and update your personal details, addresses, payment info, and password

How do I return my packaging?

1. Collect your woollen liners + pouches in your empty smoothie box (or a similar sized bag / box)
2. Login to “My Account” and click “Return Your Packaging” to generate a label or returns barcode (no printer needed)
3. Drop off your package to one of over 6,000 Collect+ locations

That’s it! No printing, no labelling, we’ll do the rest 😀

Thanks so much for helping us reduce our waste!

You can find more of FAQs over here

When will I be charged for my order?

When you sign up you’ll be charged for your first box right away.

For upcoming deliveries, you’ll be charged three days before your delivery date.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver all over the UK except for the Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland

When do you deliver?

We deliver between 8am and 6pm on Mondays and Saturdays every week via our trusted courier, DPD

What if i’m not home?

No problem! Your smoothies will stay frozen until the end of the delivery day. Remember to leave a note at checkout telling us where you’d like your box left (in a safe place, with a friendly neighbour, etc.)

You’ll also receive a one-hour time slot by text or email on your delivery day, and you can track progress on the DPD app, so you’ll know when they’re arriving

Will my smoothies stay frozen during delivery?

Our packaging is designed to keep your smoothies frozen until you put them in your freezer. Our boxes are carefully insulated in fully recyclable packaging and dry ice is added to your box to keep your smoothies and frozen until the evening

What if there is a problem with my delivery?

Message us on live chat by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of your screen, or drop us an email: and we’ll get onto it right away

Can I send smoothies as a gift?

Ofcourse! You can buy a gift card by clicking here which we’ll send along with your personalised message to a friend or family member on your behalf


Can I choose my smoothies?

We have a number of box options for you to choose from, including green, fruity and vegetable smoothies, and we serve a range of seasonal recipe within each box; head over to the Choose Your Box page to check out the full range!

You can also customise future boxes by giving each smoothie a like or dislike, check out the short video below to find out more!

How does it work?
  • (1) Hit “Get Started” and choose your smoothie plan
  • (2) Your Frozen smoothie kits are delivered to your door,
    • (3) Store them in your freezer and add the contents to your blender along with your preferred liquid and you’re ready   to go. No mess, no fuss, no waste 😛
How soon can I start?

Sign-up anytime and you can choose your delivery date during checkout.

Currently orders up until midnight on Saturday can be delivered the following Wednesday 🙂

How much smoothie do I get in each kit?

Each kit makes 500ml of smoothie once you’ve blended with liquid.

Use the line on the front of the pouch as a guide for how much liquid to add

What can I expect in a typical smoothie kit?

Our smoothie kits each contain a mix of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and superfoods. Each and every recipe is developed by our chef and nutritionist to ensure that they taste good and do good too

How does it arrive / What’s inside the box?

Our smoothie boxes contain either 5 or 10 all-organic, frozen smoothie kits.

They will arrive in a compostable box, wrapped in wool and nestled amongst dry ice. The dry ice keeps your smoothies frozen until the end of the delivery day, and the woollen liner is re-usable.

[insert picture of open box with kits, dry ice and woollen liner in view]

How do I store my smoothies?

Your smoothies will arrive frozen on dry ice and should be stored in your freezer as soon as you open your box.

Don’t worry if you’re not in when they are delivered as they’ll happily sit frozen in your safe spot until you arrive back in the evening

How do I make my smoothie?

Empty the contents of the smoothie kit into your blender, Add 270ml of liquid using the guide on your pouch, and blend for at least 1 minute. Head over to the “Ingredients” section below to find out more about liquids to use with your smoothie.

⭐Top Tip⭐

For best results, leave your smoothie to defrost in your smoothie jug for 5 minutes before you blend

How does the pricing work?

Our smoothies start from £3.75 per smoothie kit.

A box of 5 is £22.50 and a box of 10 is £37.50; our plans are fully flexible and you can choose from either weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries by clicking here

Where do I use my discount code?

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you can enter your code on the last page of checkout, by clicking “apply coupon code”

coupon code


What do I do with my dry ice?

Simply leave it in a well ventilated area to sublimate and recycle the packaging.

How long will my smoothies last?

All your smoothies will have at least a 1 month expiry date from delivery. Check the best before date on the back of each smoothie pouch for more info

Are they available all year round?

We serve a weekly seasonal menu and have at least 15 smoothies available at any point throughout the year.

Head over to Our Recipes to see which recipes are currently in season

Who makes the smoothies?

All our smoothie recipes are developed by our chef and nutritionist, ensuring they’re nutritionally balanced and taste good too!

All our ingredients are lovingly prepared by hand at our kitchen in London

Can I return my packaging?

Yes you can!

Save your woollen liners and pouches, and pack them back into your box (or any similar sized bag / box) and hit this link  to receive a free returns label or barcode. Drop off at your local Collect+ point, and they’ll send your parcel back to us. We re-use woollen liners for future deliveries and make sure your pouches are fully recycled by sending to the right facility.

You can also find out more about why we use plastic in this article 🙂

What happens to the food waste?

All peels, cores and skins leftover from chopping and peeling your ingredients are dropped off to local farms and allotments to be composted, ready to be used to grow more organic produce


[find out more about composting food waste in blog post here]

What kind of packaging do you use?

Your smoothies will arrive in a compostable cardboard box and re-usable woollen liner.

The smoothie pouches are made from recyclable Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). You can collect and send back your woollen liners to us to be re-used, and we’ll recycle your pouches for you too (check out “can I return my packaging?” FAQ for more information on this)


Are your smoothies vegetarian / vegan?

All our recipes are plant-based and are vegan friendly (note: we use woolcool packaging to keep your smoothies frozen during delivery).

Find out more about our packaging here (link to packaging section)

What if I have a food allergy or food intolerance?

All ingredients and allergens are available in the recipe section of our website and on the back of each pouch. However, all our smoothies are produced in the same kitchen so if you have a severe allergy to tree nuts or peanuts, Honestly Good smoothies might not be right for you ☹

Do you use only Organic produce?

Yes, we use only 100% organic produce and are Soil Association certified.

Check out our blog post here on why we chose to be an organic company

What does Organic mean?

Organic means working with nature. It means higher levels of animal welfare, no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers, and environmentally sustainable management of the natural environment. Find out more about Organic on the Soil Association website here and our article on why we chose to be an Organic company

Where do your ingredients come from?

We always try to use local, British suppliers wherever possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have the climate for ingredients like pineapples and mangoes, so we also use carefully selected, Soil Association Certified Organic suppliers for some of the more exotic fruits and superfoods.

What liquids can I use to blend my smoothie?

All our recipes are designed to work well with water, but we also have chef’s recommendations for each recipe; try them with coconut water, almond mylk, cashew mylk and many more! You can find chef’s recommendations on back of each pouch or in the Our Recipes section of our website

Can I use it for weight loss?

We believe in eating a well balanced diet containing all macronutrients and colours of the rainbow.

On average, most of our smoothies (500ml) contain between 150 and 250 calories, and you can find more nutrition information over to Our Recipes.

Are they suitable for kids?

Every recipe contains a mix of organic vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, seeds and superfoods, and nothing else.

Each kit makes a full 500ml serving, so there is enough to share too; just check the ingredients list on the back of each pouch to ensure you’re happy with the contents before sharing with the little ones; we’d recommend starting with the slightly sweeter smoothies in our Honestly Fruity Box to ease them into their new found love of smoothies

Can I use your smoothies as a meal replacement?

Each smoothie kit makes 500ml of a 100% organic smoothie, with a balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats so it can be used as a meal replacement for one, or for two to share as a drink

Are your smoothies healthy?

All of our smoothies contain a mix of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and superfoods which help to support a healthy diet. Head over to Our Recipes to find nutrition information on each of them

How many smoothie recipes are available?

We serve a weekly seasonal menu and have at least 15 smoothies available at any point through-out the year.

Head over to Our Recipe s see which recipes are currently in season

Do you use any preservatives?

Nope. No processing aids. No preservatives. Not even a lemon

How do your smoothies compare to what I buy from the supermarket?

The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. was born out of a desire to offer the finest quality, seasonal and organic smoothie ingredients in a convenient way for the whole family to enjoy. Here are a few reasons to choose us over store-bought smoothies:

✔️ Always Organic

✔️ Balanced macros that can be used as a meal replacement

✔️ A mix of veg, fruits, nuts, herbs and seeds in every recipe

✔️ Re-usable or recyclable packaging

✔️ 25+ Recipes and growing

✔️ Seasonal ingredients and weekly menu

✔️ Hand prepared from fresh each week

Why frozen?

We love flash freezing our ingredients, and here are a few reasons why:

✔️Nutrients are locked in and don’t denature when frozen

✔️ No need for artificial preservatives or additives

✔️ Zero waste of unused ingredients

✔️ Blending from frozen ensures a thick an creamy smoothie every time, with no need to dilute with ice