Frequently Asked Questions

Placing your order

When do I receive my box?

We currently deliver on Mondays and Saturdays. You can choose which day you’d like your delivery at checkout.

If the delivery day you choose is less than 3 days away, your first box will be delivered the following week.

How much smoothie do I get?

Each kit is designed to make a full pint of smoothie when mixed with the the liquid of your choice. We recommend adding 300ml, but this is down to personal preference depending on how thick you like your smoothies (They taste great with water, but look out for chef’s recommendations in your smoothie box).

How much does it cost?

From £4.75 per smoothie with free delivery, no string attached. Click “Get Started” to choose the best plan for you.

What will I receive?

We have a variety of smoothie boxes for you to choose from – including green, veggie and fruity. Each kit is made up of organic, hand chopped and perfectly portioned fruit, veg, nuts, herbs, seeds and superfood ingredients. Just empty the entire contents of your kit into a blender, add liquid and blend!

Can I choose my smoothies?

We currently offer a number of box options, including green, veggie and fruity smoothies. We have a small selection of our recipes to view on our site, though once you’ve selected your preferences we’ll serve a changing menu of recipes to keep things interesting.

If you have particular nutrition goals, requirements of preferences that you can’t find, please drop us a line to and we’ll do our best to accommodate 🙂


How much is delivery?

Nothing. Zero. Zip. Seriously.

What if I’m not in for delivery?

You’ll receive an email on the day before your delivery is due, and will be able to click the link and leave a note telling your driver where you’d like them to leave your box, which will sit happily frozen until you arrive.

You can also leave a note on your door 🙂

Managing your subscription

Am I tied in?

Not at all, you’re welcome to cancel anytime.

How do I cancel?

Just head over to your account section, choose the relevant subscription & click cancel

Everything else

I have a question, who do I call?

Ghostbusters! (You can also email us or call 07757 673352)