Annual Subscriptions

  • Written by Vikesh
  • July 21, 2021
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How does it work?

We’ll send you a payment link for 10 months of smoothies based on your current subscription plan – then we’ll load 12 months credit onto your account, and you’re set! You’ll be able to use your calendar to skip / add deliveries, pause or change your box within “My Account”  exactly as you do now!

How much does it cost?

As a loyal community member, you’ve been selected to receive this exclusive offer. We’re offering 12 months of smoothies for the price of 10! So, if you currently receive a box of 20 per month on Wednesdays (£67.50 per month), for £675 you would have a year’s worth of smoothies (a saving of £135) 😊

We’ve recently partnered with Klarna, so you can pay for your annual subscription over 3 instalments instead of 1 🙌

What if I want to change my plan afterwards?

You can skip deliveries, pause or make changes to your plan anytime just as you do now. If you choose to change your plan from say 20 smoothies per month to 10, the credits in your account will just last that much longer! You’ll be able to see how much credit you have at anytime in “My Account”

Amazing, how do I sign up?

Just reply to your unique email invitation, or drop us a line here

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