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An Honestly Good Story.

The old saying goes..."Mum always knows best", and I have my superhero Mum to thank for inspiring my smoothie business.

Like many people, there was a time in my life when I suffered from digestive problems. Thankfully, Mum quickly came to the rescue with her healthy home remedies. She began blending vegetable smoothies for me every morning, and before long had opened up her spice cupboard and added superfoods to them too. Within days this new morning ritual had improved my digestion, raised energy levels and even banished that elevenses snack attack.

The only problem was time...or lack of it. I wasn't prepared to swap my snooze to wash, peel, and chop ingredients every morning, and I couldn't find another company that offered all organic veggie-packed smoothies. So, I handed in my notice and set up The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. (With Mum’s help, of course.)

Honestly Loved… by all these nice folk

  • Mark Eshelby Avatar
    Mark Eshelby
    21/11/2021 - Facebook

    We have recently signed up to Honestly Good Smoothies and are in love with their products. These guys deliver frozen packs of organic smoothies to your doorstep, using all those peculiar combinations of ingredients recommended in the super-fit-and-healthy world. Not only are they good for you but they also taste amazing and set you up perfectly for the day, plus there is no wastage of fruit & veg and the whole packaging is sustainable. A win, win, win if you ask me!

    Louise Bell Avatar
    Louise Bell
    08/10/2021 - Facebook

    Amazing product, extremely nutritious, healthy and filling. 1st class personal service aswell when I recently needed to make an amendment to my order. Would absolutely recommend this excellent business.

  • Julia Foster Avatar
    Julia Foster
    07/08/2021 - Facebook

    I would highly recommend Honestly Good Smoothies.
    I really struggled to get this quantity of fruit & veg into my diet before my brother in law recommended I try these smoothies. Now I find that they are such an easy way to improve my diet.
    After I started drinking the smoothies people commented on the fact that my hair looks shinier & my nails are stronger. Whilst this is very nice, if the smoothies are having a noticeable effect on the outside, then I can only imagine the health benefits I'm getting on the inside as well!

    Bethan Williams Avatar
    Bethan Williams
    15/07/2021 - Facebook

    Absolutely love this company! The smoothies are soooo good. There’s not one we haven’t liked. My whole family is enjoying them. And, Vikesh is very helpful, I had a problem with delivery, he replied to my message very quickly and sorted out another delivery for me. Would recommend 100%

  • Rachel McGarrigal Avatar
    Rachel McGarrigal
    05/07/2021 - Facebook

    I love, love, love Honestly Good Smoothies. I'm not sure where they have been all my life. But I'm so grateful that I've found them now. Asides from the wide range of delicious flavours, the superfood sachet included inside, the convenient portion sachets, the recyclable packaging, I love the fact that Honestly Good Smoothie Company still feels like a family business whilst having a Global conscience. Drinking one of their smoothies makes me feel good in lots of ways.

    Laura Smith Avatar
    Laura Smith
    29/03/2021 - Facebook

    I love that the variety of ingredients used in the smoothies not only means I have different great tasting smoothies throughout the week, but also means I get a diverse mix of fruit and veg which means lots of different vitamins too. The little pouches that come with the frozen fruit and veg are full of tasty super ingredients, so I feel I'm getting value for money.

    Top tip - let your pouch defrost for 15 mins and blend with room temp almond milk for a great consistency.

    Give them a try 🤗

  • Nancy Bee Avatar
    Nancy Bee
    28/02/2021 - Facebook

    The variety box is perfect with a huge range so easy to store and use and taste fabulous . I’m certainly much healthier these past few months from getting a regular box to use . The website is so easy to use too . I can’t rate this company enough .. it’s service and the products, the information shared I love the whole ethos of the company 🤩

    Susan Heath Avatar
    Susan Heath
    27/12/2020 - Facebook

    Delicious and nutritious smoothies...really convenient ... reliable / well packaged delivery ...excellent/ helpful/ friendly customer service ...I recommend wholeheartedly.

  • Genevieve Kate Temple Avatar
    Genevieve Kate Temple
    23/09/2020 - Facebook

    I'm on my first box and have found the unique and tasty organic ingredients make delicious smoothies. It takes the headache out of deciding what to put in a smoothie. Very quick and helpful customer service too. Would highly recommend!

    Sam Router Avatar
    Sam Router
    08/09/2020 - Facebook

    Quality tasty and healthy smoothies, good instructions and delivered easily. Speedy customer care as well. Would highly recommend

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