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Productivity & Self Improvement

Top 10 Recycling Tips

Recycle Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. The year’s theme is “Recycling. It’s in our own hands”, and there’s never been a more important time for us to take action. Did you know that an estimated 91% of plastic isn’t recycled? (source) Worse still, by 2050, the ocean […]

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • September 18, 2019
Health & Nutrition

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Food Waste This Christmas

Christmas is a time of year full of fun, frivolity, and let’s face it – overindulgence. However, there are plenty of things we can do to reduce our impact on the environment, and decrease the amount of waste from our festive gatherings. Here are our top 10 tips to reduce food waste this Christmas: 1) […]

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • December 23, 2019
Behind The Scenes

Interview: Why We Use Plastic

At Honestly Good, we appreciate all feedback – from the good, to the bad, and even the ugly. One common theme that has come up recently has been the use of plastic at our company. To dispel the myths and misconceptions, and to explain our actions in more depth, we decided to interview our founder, […]

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • January 13, 2020
Nature & Mindfulness

An Interview With Georgina Wilson-Powell

This week we interviewed a sustainability superstar – Georgina Wilson-Powell, who is the founder of Pebble Magazine. Honestly Good has proudly been part of two Pebble events so far (PebbleFest and PebbleFestive) and we’re huge fans of Pebble Magazine, and all of the eco-friendly inspiration it provides us with. Check out our interview below:   […]

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • January 27, 2020
Nature & Mindfulness

A Beginner’s Guide To Composting

At Honestly Good, we’re huge composting fans! From banana peel, to avocado stones, to apple cores – all the food waste that comes from preparing our smoothies is either used to develop by-products (such as banana peel chutney), or taken to be composted at a nearby allotment. Shout-out to Will at our local allotment in […]

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • January 29, 2020
Health & Nutrition

9 UK-Based Ethical and Sustainable Meetup Groups

If you’ve never used, it’s a great site for finding inspiration for community events, that are often free of charge to attend. We scoured Meetup for the best ethical and sustainable meetup groups around the UK, and it turns out there are quite a few to choose from!  Here’s the lowdown:   1. The […]

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • February 5, 2020