The Honestly Good List: 17 Inspiring Brands to Help Achieve Your Life Goals in 2020

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • February 2, 2020
  • 10 min read

We kicked off 2020 in style by launching a month-long campaign to promote positive ways to have an Honestly Good start to the year. The month had 4 key themes – Mind, Body & Movement, Nourish, and Sustainability, and each week we had giveaways and blog posts from brands who were doing amazing things in each specific sector.

In case you missed it, here are all the brands we featured (as well as a few extras we love), and keep your eyes peeled for some little surprise discounts we’ve snuck in along the way too. It’s a great way to discover ethical brands, and get some inspiration to kickstart positive habits in 2020 too:


1) Scentered



In A Nutshell: Scentered create 100% natural aromatherapy balms, and candles, designed to have aroma-therapeutic benefits on our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The products are also seen as mindfulness tools as they encourage you to stop, take a deep breath, and be present. The products have themes to suit different needs, including “Sleep Well”, “Happy”, “Focus”, “Love”, “Escape” and “De-Stress”.

Why they’re Honestly Good: We love how Scentered encourage you to slow down, and have the mantra “Stop. Inhale. Reset.” at the heart of the brand. Their candles are made of natural sustainably-sourced plant based waxes with a touch of beeswax, so they have  a clean, natural, non-toxic burn. They also use only 100% natural ingredients.

Special Treat: Get 20% off your order by using the code “ENJOY20” on the Scentered website.


2) Mantra Jewellery 


Mantra Jewellery

In A Nutshell: Mantra create inspirational and uplifting jewellery pieces that individually symbolise a specific mantra that’s designed to make a positive impact on the way you feel. Mantras can be individual words, phrases, or quotes that bring motivation, give focus, comfort, or uplift you. You can personalise your jewellery, or choose pre-set mantras, such as “when life pulls you back, aim forward”.

Why they’re Honestly Good: We love the intention behind these products, and the fact that rather than just having a beautiful piece of jewellery – it’s the words that act as a reminder to inspire and uplift you throughout the day.  Their founder Jo summed it up perfectly: “A piece of jewellery can’t change the world. But it can change the way you feel, And that can change the world.”


3) Movement For Modern Life


Movement For Modern Life

In A Nutshell: Ideal for those who are short on time, but want to make yoga a part oif their life. With 1000’s of classes and challenges to choose from, and world-class teachers, simply pick a time that works for you, and enjoy yoga from your living room! The classes are designed for all levels – and you can choose the duration, the style of yoga, and even the benefit (such as core strength, healthy hips, or yoga for stress/anxiety).

Why they’re Honestly Good: We love how the nature of Movement for Modern Life makes yoga accessible for those with busy lives who might not have the time, or the nearby facilities to go to a yoga class. It allows you to do yoga in your own time, at your own pace, and videos start from as short as 2 minutes, so there really are no excuses!

Special Treat: Get a free 14-day trial, and exclusive 30% off all subscriptions here. Use the code HONEST30 at checkout.


4) That Protein

That Protein Product Shot

In A Nutshell: That Protein describe themselves as “The Plant People” and they offer delicious, organic plant protein and superfood powder products that can be added to lots of things such as vegan recipes, homemade protein bars, and protein shakes. All their products are dairy-free, non-GMO, free from artificial sugars, and have no sweetners or added sugars, just pure 100% organic goodness.

Why they’re Honestly Good: We’re long-time fans of That Protein, ever since teaming up with them for Smoothie of the Month in May 2018. They also won best Vegan and Plant Protein Powders in the UK at The Nourish Awards in 2018 and 2019. We love their dedication to being 100% organic, cold pressed, and pure.


5) Sundried


Sundried shot

In A Nutshell:  Sundried create active sports apparel designed to enhance your performance and stay comfortable. All their gear is created ethically and sustainably, and ranges from clothing for triathlons, yoga, running, cycling, gym, or other outdoor sports. The qualitiy of their products is shown by the fact the company was founded by a triathlete (Daniel Puddick) who noticed a gap in the market for professional quality triathlon gear at an affordable price.

Why they’re Honestly Good: Sundried believe that clothing should last you a long time, and be high quality, instead of cheap and disposable. We love their dedication to the longevity of their products, and that they see clothing as an investment that should be “your training partner for life”. They also have a strong focus on being an ethically responsible company.

Special Treat: Get 50% off using the code: HONESTLYGOOD. (Valid until the end of Feb 2020).


6) Yoga Not For Yogis


Litsa Yiatros

In A Nutshell: Litsa is a yoga teacher, Reiki healer, and mindfulness teacher who runs classes at The London Edition Hotel, as well as doing international retreats, and one-to-one private sessions. Her “Yoga Not For Yogis” brand offers a modern holistic approach that focuses on both physical and mental health.

Why they’re Honestly Good: We love the way Litsa’s yoga is designed for everyone – even if you’re completely new to yoga. Litsa says: “If you hear yourself saying I can’t do yoga/I’m not flexible, then my class is for you. We welcome all body types and personality types.”  Her classes are a way of slowing down from the fast pace of urban life, and she combines holistic healing therapies into her yoga too – such as reiki.

Special Treat: If you haven’t seen it already, Litsa has done a video series for us of ‘5 easy yoga routines you can do every day at home’. If you fancy treating yourself to some yoga in Greece, Litsa is running a summer retreat, if you email: and quote HONESTLYGOOD, you will get 10% off the listed retreat prices  (until 31st March 2020) which you can find here. 


7) Creative Nature


Creative Nature Bundle

In A Nutshell:  Creative Nature have a great company ethos – that ‘products that claim to be healthy should also be tasty!’ We couldn’t agree more, and their delicious snack bars certainly don’t disappoint! As well as that, they have a great range of baking mixes, and the brilliantly named “Gnawbles”, which are delicious chewy nuggets of goodness, such as “Brilliant Orange Cacao”, and “Super Salted Caramel Crispy Protein”.

Why they’re Honestly Good: Creative Nature have won more Great Taste Gold Stars than any other cold-pressed range in history, which is a huge achievement and greatly inspiring! We love how they source the highest quality ingredients, and look for areas with no pollution, such as Barley Grass from Canterbury in New Zealand.


8) Moma Foods


In A Nutshell: Moma are breakfast champions – in fact they have a motto to “start your day awesome!” They have a delicious range of porridge, bircher muesli, and granola – made from all natural wholegrain British oats. They’re passionate about providing an alternative to the same old unhealthy breakfasts,  and founder Tom is a ‘huge believer in the power of breakfast’.

Why they’re Honestly Good: Moma are doing their best to be as sustainable as possible – and so far, have saved nearly 6000 kg of plastic from entering the market each year by removing the plastic lids from their porridge pots. They’re also working on making their porridge sachets fully recyclable too – keep up the great work Moma!

Special Treat: Use the code MOMA20 for 20% off. (One use per customer).

9) Amisa


In A Nutshell: Amisa was founded on the belief that people with special dietary requirements shouldn’t miss out, and we couldn’t agree more! Their products have organic, top quality, ethical ingredients that are naturally gluten-free. From breakfast cereals, to crispbreads, crackers, bread, pasta, cereals, and more, the range is certainly impressive.

Why they’re Honestly Good: We love Amisa’s dedication to finding organic sustainably-sourced ingredients that are naturally gluten free, yet not compromising on flavour. Their tagline of “Foodie Freedom” really resonates with us, and their huge range is truly impressive.


10) The Beeswax Wrap Co


The Beeswax Wrap Co

In A Nutshell: These handmade beeswax wraps are the ideal solution for keeping food super fresh. The company describes itself  as “the people and planet friendly alternative to cling film and foil”, and we couldn’t agree more. You can re-use them time and time again, and they’re easily cleaned with cold water and soap.

Why they’re Honestly Good: They use organic ingredients such as their organic jojoba oil, and organic cotton, and best of all, compared to cling film, the wraps are all natural so no nasties will leach into food. Sustainability is at the heart of The Beeswax Wrap Co, as they’re a Certified B Corp – and the wraps are biodegradable too.

Special Treat: Get 10% off everything on The Beeswax Wrap Co’s website (excluding gift vouchers and our charity pack) until end of February 2020, by using the code HONEST.


11) NINI Organics



In A Nutshell:  Beautifully presented products from a company whose mission it is to ‘create the ultimate superfood for your skin’. Their product range includes Moonlight Nectar Night Oil, the luxuriously silky Coco Mylk Bath (made of Coconut milk powder), and detoxifying, depolluting, and deep cleansing skin treatment masks like the “Natura Miracle Mask”.

Why they’re Honestly Good: They are committed to using only 100% natural and organic ethically-sourced ingredients, and showcase the power of mostly raw, active, plant-based, and holistic ingredients, that also happen to be 100% Vegan, and Gluten-free.


12) Boody


Boody clothes

In A Nutshell: Boody describe their products as “thoughtful, sustainable essentials”, and their range consists of lounge wear, active wear, and underwear for both men, women, and babies too. The products are super soft, easy on the skin, and hypoallergenic too. We love that they focus on the essentials, and achieve the balance of being minimalist yet versatile.

Why they’re Honestly Good: Boody are proud of their eco-credentials, which includes using organically grown bamboo, and achieving Ecocert certification (which guarantees traceability and transparency), SGS testing (to ensure fabrics meet health and safety standards), and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certification, to show their products are made in lawful, humane and ethical conditions.

Special Treat: Use the code: HONESTLYGOOD15 at checkout for 15% off.  Limited to one use per customer, cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Offer ends midnight 9th February 2020.


13) Elephant Box

Elephant Box

In A Nutshell: Elephant Box believe in making things to last as it’s better for the environment, and it makes people happy too. Urging people to “ditch the disposables”, Elephant Box create sustainably sourced products that are made from food-grade stainless steel. Their range includes lunchboxes, water bottles, sporks, straws, and even stainless steel washing up bowls!

Why they’re Honestly Good: We love Elephant Box’s dedication to sustainability, and making top quality products that last the test of time. On top of that, they’re 100% recyclable and support charities and non-profits that work to protect our environment, such as 1% for the Planet, Surfers Against Sewage, and the non profit City to Sea on their expanded Refill campaign.

Special Treat: Use the discont code SMOOTHIE10 on the Elephant Box website to get a 10% discount (valid for 1 use per customer).


14) Pebble Magazine


pebble mag

In A Nutshell: Pebble Magazine is a sustainable lifestyle and green living magazine, that provides information on ethical events, fashion, green living, eco-travel, food waste, slow food, sustainable design and SO much more! Pebble also hosts regular events such as “PebbleFest” – an eco-conscious festival for people to get inspired for #EverydayActivism.

Why they’re Honestly Good: Founder Georgina has dedicated her life to making Pebble a trusted source for advice on sustainable living. She showcases ethical brands, social enterprises, and activists who are helping to save our planet, and for that, we’re hugely grateful. You can check out our interview with Georgina here, and join the Pebble Mag newsletter here.


15) Happy Earth


happy earth products

In A Nutshell: Happy Earth is an online store that sells biodegrable products such as sugarcane plates, wooden cutlery, sustainable paper straws (that last an impressive 2-3 hours in your drink), compostable food containers, sustainable cleaning products, and even reusable sacks, and compostable bin liners.

Why They’re Honestly Good: Founder Asha’s mission is to help people become more sustainable and to save our planet by using the earth’s natural resources, then most importantly, returning them to nature once finished with them. The site is not only a one-stop sustainable shop, but it’s also a great education resource too, as there’s a section on recycling symbols, and the materials used are explained too, such as CPLA (a type of bio-plastic), and bagasse (a material produced from harvested sugar cane).


16) The Happiness Planner


The Happiness Planner

In A Nutshell: Inspirational stationery, planners, and self-development/self-management tools designed to help you cultivate happiness, positive thinking, mindfulness, and gratitude. Not only are their planners aesthetically stunning, but they also do an amazing job at getting you organised! From managing schedules, and to-dos, to doing exercises to gain a better understanding of yourself, setting goals, reflecting, and daily journalling too.


Why They’re Honestly Good: We love founder Mo’s determination “to inspire people to live a purpose and passion driven life and to find happiness from within”. These inspiring words go a long way, and show why the products have been such a hit.



17) Old English Co. 


Old English Co

In A Nutshell: Old English Co. create beautifully illustrated giftware and stationary such as art prints, coasters, mugs, wall flags, pillowcases, tea towels, greeting cards, personalised notebooks, and more. It’s a great way to fill your home with positive messages, and great art at the same time. They offer ‘stylish, uncomplicated products with messages that resonate with people’, designed in an art studio in Stamford, Lincs.

Why They’re Honestly Good: As well as the amazing artistic talent from founder Ben, we love the focus on positivity, and how so many of the quotes are very relatable – from “one friend can change your whole life”, to “enjoy the little things”, “let’s sleep in”, and “you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”. and the hilarious (and oh so true) “without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”


We hope our Honestly Good List has inspired you to put your best foot forward in 2020, and have the best year yet. If there are any other inspiring brands you recommend we should feature in the future – get in touch and let us know 🙂

Written by
Alicia Drewnicki
Head of Content at The Honestly Good Smoothie Co.
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