Why We Chose to Be An Organic Company

  • Written by Alicia Drewnicki
  • September 5, 2019
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September marks the beginning of the Soil Association’s month-long campaign #OrganicSeptember – a movement to encourage more people to try organic, as well as highlighting the importance of organic food and farming.

(The Soil Association is the UK’s leading food and farming charity, as well as the UK’s largest organic certification body).

Ever since our founder Vikesh came up with the idea for The Honestly Good Smoothie Company, it has been a conscious decision to always be 100% organic. In fact, we’re very proud to say that only months after launching the company, the Soil Association listed Vikesh as one of their “organic heroes” – which you can read more about here.


So What Does Organic Actually Mean?

Organic refers to produce that does not allow the use of synthetic (man-made) pesticides, fertilisers. and herbicides. In addition to this, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), growth-promoting antibiotics, and livestock feed additives are banned from all organic farming practices. Organic farming uses ONLY natural methods to control pests/disease. We love the Soil Association’s definition of organic as producing items that work “with nature, not against it”.


Why is Organic Better for Us and the Planet?

Choosing organic, (whether it’s a food, drink, beauty, or textile product,) means choosing a product from a trusted source that’s striving for a more sustainable way of living. Here are some of the key benefits of organic:


Organic is Better for Local Wildlife

Choosing organic farming helps protect local wildlife, and keep harmful artificial pesticides away.
Sadly, pesticides don’t just kill the target pest, they often contaminate water, disrupt ecosystems, and poison local wildlife. Nearly 300 pesticides are routinely used in non-organic farming, so choosing organic helps you avoid these. Neonicotinoid insecticides are thought to have played a primary role in the decline of honeybees and other pollinators worldwide. (Read more about how to Save the Bees here)
(In organic farming – only 20 pesticides are permitted, and these are all derived from natural ingredients such as clove oil, and citronella).


Organic is Better for Our Health

Research has shown that organic food has health benefits. A study in 2014 found that organic crops are up to 60% higher in a number of key anti-oxidants than non-organic products (Source). Pesticides are often used in non-organic farming, and unfortunately, simply washing fruit and vegetables, does not always remove the pesticide residue. These pesticides have been linked to multiple diseases and illnesses, including cancer, and respiratory problems.


Organic is Better for Our Planet 

Being organic, is opting for a more earth-friendly option. Agriculture plays a big role in climate change, and healthy soil is more resistant to floods, droughts, and the impact of climate change. If 50% of farming in the EU converted to organic by 2030, we could cut 23% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emission.



Why Is The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. an Organic Company?

Our Soil Association Certification means that all the ingredients in our smoothies are 100% organic. That means every single fruit, vegetable, nut, seed, and superfood. Nothing is forgotten.

We chose this path as #HonestlyGoodLiving is all about being conscious of our impact on the environment, looking after the planet, and trying to be as sustainable as possible in all that we do.


Organic Shout-Outs

There are so many great organic brands out there, so we thought we’d give a shout out to some of the companies that have inspired us recently….

1) Green People We’re a big fan of this organic skincare brand, especially their gentle makeup remover and sunscreen. Impressively, their founder Charlotte Vohtz actually approached The Soil Association back in 1999 and petitioned for the UK’s organic beauty industry to be standardised. She was invited to be a Soil Association committee member and designed the first standards for organic beauty. Thank you Charlotte!

2) Pukka Herbs We met Pukka at an eco-conscious festival we were both part of recently – PebbleFest, and as well as loving their delicious tea flavours, we were super impressed with the fact that they donated over £565,000 to environmental causes in 2018. In addition to this, they’re certified B Corp, all their teas are part of “Fair For Life”, and they are committed to becoming Carbon zero by 2030.

3) Island Bakery – Isle of Mull We discovered these tasty organic biscuits recently at a local organic store (all we’re saying is “lemon melts”- new guilty pleasure…), and as well as the tasty flavours on offer, digging a little deeper revealed the company’s fantastic dedication to sustainability. In addition to being Soil Association Organic, their factory is powered entirely by local sources of renewable energy (a hydro-turbine on a nearby river, and a wind turbine on a neighboring hill), and their ovens are heated with wood chips from a local timber plantation. Keep it up guys!

Written by
Alicia Drewnicki
Head of Content at The Honestly Good Smoothie Co.
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